Vanuatu to 11,000 Residents in Path of Erupting Volcano: Get Out Now

Sean Breslin – April 26, 2018

Volcanic eruptions on Vanuatu’s Ambae Island have forced officials to order a mass evacuation, and weather conditions haven’t cooperated in recent days.

The archipelago nation east of Australia is attempting to evacuate all 11,000 people who live on Ambae Island to nearby Santo Island because of ongoing eruptions at the Manaro volcano, according to the Guardian. A state of emergency was declared and many people began having respiratory problems as the smoke and ash from the eruption filled the air, the report added.

Evacuations were even more difficult because of heavy rain that triggered flooding and mudslides, the Guardian also said. Vanuatu’s leaders are also keeping an eye on several other volcanoes rumbling on islands near Ambae, Radio New Zealand reported.

Deadly Mudslide Kills At Least 200 In Sierra Leone

Grace Carr – August 14, 2017

At least 312 people have been killed by raging floods and mudslides, Sierra Leone officials reported Monday.

According to the Freetown authorities, hundreds of bodies have already been brought to the morgue, which has quickly become overwhelmed by the number of dead, the Daily Astorian reported. Local authorities said that many are digging through the mud looking for their friends and family. Some carried their relatives’ remains in rice sacks.

Sierra Leone’s Climate Change Communication Society has reported that 60 of the over 300 dead are children. The bodies were all over the morgue’s floor, a coroner technician at the Connaught Hospital mortuary told the Sierra Leone National Broadcasting Corp. “The capacity at the mortuary is too small for the corpses,” he added.

Taiwan nuclear power plant shuts down after record rain engulfs the island

Strange Sounds –

More than 600 mm (23.6 inches) of rain fell in under 11 hours in northern Taiwan today, June 2, 2017, killing at least 1 person, leaving 2 missing and injuring more than 20.

Heavy rain toppled electricity pylon near New Taipei’s Jinshan Nuclear Power Plant, resulting in the automatic shutdown of the plant. The heavy downpours are expected to continue through the weekend.

Some areas of the affected region saw water surging into cars, homes and businesses after . Channel News Asia reported the body of a female motorcyclist was found after being washed into a ditch in New Taipei City, one of the worst hit areas.

According to the National Fire Agency, two people, one from New Taipei City and the other from the city of Keelung are missing after being swept off, while a road bridge in the area was smashed in half by a swollen river. At least 20 people were hurt in the deluge, including a driver injured when his truck overturned and another man hurt after being buried in a mudslide.