Foreign Ministry summons ambassadors over Gaza probe

Herb Keinon – May 21, 2018

The Foreign Ministry summoned the ambassadors of Spain and Slovenia on Monday to protest their country’s vote last Friday in the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva in favor of a commission of inquiry into the incidents on the Gaza fence over the last seven weeks

The ambassador of the other EU country that voted in favor of the establishment of the committee – Belgium – will be called in for a reprimand on Tuesday by the Foreign Ministry’s deputy director-general for Europe, Rodica Radian-Gordon.

The five other EU countries on the Human Rights Council – Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia and the United Kingdom – abstained on the measure.

The measure passed by a vote of 29 for, the US and Australia against, 14 abstentions and two no-shows.

Paraguay opens its Israel embassy in Jerusalem

DW – May 21, 2018

Paraguay opened its new Israel embassy in Jerusalem on Monday, following in the footsteps of the United States and Guatemala.

Last week, the US relocated its embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, infuriating the Palestinians. The US move was followed by Guatemala two days later.

Romania, the Czech Republic and Honduras have said they are also considering moving their embassies to Jerusalem.

The status of Jerusalem remains one of the biggest stumbling blocks in solving the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, who with broad international backing want Israeli-annexed east Jerusalem as their future capital.

Iranian Group Offers $100,000 to Blow Up New U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem

 – May 14, 2018

A hardline Iranian organization is reportedly offering a $100,000 reward to any person who bombs the newly opened U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, according to a translation of Farsi language reports.

A group known as the Iranian Justice Seeker Student Movement is reported to have disseminated posters calling for an attack on the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, which has been opposed by Palestinian and Iranian officials as an affront to the holy city.

“The Student Justice Movement will support anybody who destroy the illegal American embassy in Jerusalem,” the poster states in Farsi, Arabic, and English, according to an independent translation of the propaganda poster provided to the Free Beacon.

There will be a “$100,000 dollar prize for the person who destroys the illegal American embassy in Jerusalem,” the poster states.

Erdogan demands Muslims ‘move as 1’ against Israel

Bob Unruh – May 16, 2018

Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whose aspirations for a new Islamic caliphate have been only thinly disguised, is calling for a summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation so that members can “move as one” against Israel, reports an Iranian state-run news source.

“Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim told his ruling party in parliament that Ankara would call an extraordinary summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation,” reported PressTV, which broadcasts in English.

Yildirim, in the report, said Islamic countries “should without fail review their relations with Israel.”

“The Islamic world should move as one, with one voice, against this massacre,” he said.

The report also said Erdogan, who now is chairman of the OIC, called for a summit to be held Friday.

Hamas Claims 50 Of 60 Killed On Gaza Border Killed Were Terrorist Soldiers

Julia Nista – May 16, 2018

Hamas claimed that 50 of the more than 60 killed along the border between Gaza and Israel during an outbreak of violent protests following the U.S. Embassy’s opening in Jerusalem Monday were part of its terror organization Wednesday.

An outbreak in violence on the Gaza border followed the U.S. Embassy opening in Jerusalem Monday.

In a video with a Hamas official, Dr. Salah Al-Bardawil claims 50 of those killed on the border were Hamas members.

Around 40,000 Palestinians participated in violent protest along the Gaza border, with around 60 dead and 2,2000 injured.

Iranian Ayatollah: ‘We Will Turn Tel Aviv And Haifa To Rubble’

 – May 15, 2018

A leading Iranian ayatollah vowed in weekly prayer service in Tehran that the Islamic Republic “will turn Tel Aviv and Haifa to rubble,” according to a translation of his remarks.

Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami, a member of the Iranian Assembly of Experts, which answers to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, said that Iran is “strengthening its missile power on a daily basis” and is on the verge of turning “Tel Aviv and Haifa to rubble,” according to a translation of his remarks by the Middle East Media Research Institute, or MEMRI, a regional monitoring organization.

Khatami also took aim at President Donald Trump, saying the Iranian people are “more unified and stronger than ever” in their commitment to the slogan, “Death to America.”

U.S. allies such as Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia will become “America’s cannon fodder,” Khatami claimed.

Senior Hamas Official: This Is Not ‘Peaceful Resistance,’ It Is Supported by Our Weapons

 – May 15, 2018

Senior Hamas official Mahmoud al-Zahhar said the riots on the Israel-Gaza border are “not peaceful resistance” but rather, are supported by its “military force.”

“This is not peaceful resistance,” al-Zahhar said. “Has the option [of armed struggle] diminished? No. On the contrary, it is growing and developing. That’s clear.”

The video was flagged and translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute and the interview occurred on the Al Jazerra network in Qatar on May 13.

“This is a clear terminological deception … When you have weapons that are being wielded by men who were able to prevent the strongest army in the region from entering the Gaza strip for 51 days and were able to capture or kill soldiers of that army, is this really ‘peaceful resistance?” al-Zahhar asked.”

Al-Zahhar said talk about peaceful resistance is deceiving the public.

‘Things are about to get BIBLICAL’ Shock warning as Iran and Israel head for WAR

Henry Holloway – May 11, 2018

Tehran and Jerusalem have exchanged fire in Syria as the Middle Eastern powers square up to one another.

Israel believes Iran is plotting to attack them through Syria, while Iran has warned it will “destroy Israel” within 25 years.

US officials have also dubbed an open war between Israel and Iran the “most likely” for “live hostility”.

And now Rabbi Pinchas Winston, a prolific end-times theorist who has penned 50 books, has predicted a conflict is on the brink.

He eluded to prophecy predicted by 13th century scholar which said Iran would spark an apocalyptic war.

“Things are about to get Biblical,” Rabbi Winston told Breaking Israel news.

Palestinians announce embassy move date to be ‘day of rage’

Adam Rasgon – May 9, 2018

Senior PLO official Ahmad Majdalani said Tuesday that May 14, the day the US is expected to move its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, will be “a day of rage.”

Many Palestinians and Palestinian officials have expressed anger and frustration with the American administration since US President Donald Trump initiated the relocation of the US Embassy in Israel in December.

The Ramallah-based Palestinian leadership has long hoped east Jerusalem will become the capital of a future Palestinian state and demanded that the city’s final status be determined in negotiations with Israel. Israel considers both the eastern and western halves of Jerusalem to be its capital.

“The fourteenth of this month will be a huge, popular day of rage everywhere,” Majdalani said, according to the Voice of Palestine, the official Palestinian Authority radio station. “Our people will express their rejection of relocating the embassy to occupied Jerusalem.”

Projectiles fired towards Israeli forward defensive line in the Golan

Anna Ahronheim – May 10, 2018

Iranian forces on the Syrian-held side of the Golan Heights fired around 20 projectiles towards Israeli army positions in the forward defensive line of the Golan Heights causing no damage or injuries, the IDF confirmed Thursday morning.

“Around 12.10 in the morning there were some 20 projectiles fired towards communities in the Golan Heights fired by Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp’s elite Quds Force,” the IDF stated.

Incoming rocket sirens were activated early Thursday morning in Israel’s northern Golan Heights communities of Majdal Shams, Neve Ativ, Nimrod, Masa’ade, Buqa’ata, Odem, and El Rom.

The army would not comment on what exactly was fired from Syria towards Israel.

Following the strike local residents reported hearing loud booms and credited them to Israeli strikes in Syria and all roads near the Druze village of Masa’de were reported to have been closed to traffic.