Judge Blocks Kentucky’s Dismemberment Abortion Ban

Michael Gryboski  – Apr 17, 2018

A judge has temporarily blocked a Kentucky law from taking effect that would ban an abortion procedure that involves ripping apart a human fetus and then removing the pieces one at a time from a womb.

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin signed House Bill 454 into law last week, which bans dismemberment abortions, a procedure also called dilation and evacuation.

In a joint consent order issued late last Thursday, a district court blocked the law until June 5, when a preliminary injunction hearing is scheduled to take place.

The block came as part of a lawsuit filed last week against the Kentucky law by the American Civil Liberties Union. Andrew Beck, senior staff attorney with the ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project, expressed support for the temporary hold.


Lawmakers Guarantee Old Men Can Marry Little Girls, Reject Bill to Ban “Legalized Rape of Children”

Matt Agorist – March 3, 2018

Frankfort, KY — A bill that would have banned adults from marrying children in Kentucky was struck down this week prompting outrage from politicians and activists alike.

Senate Bill 48, known as the “child bride” bill, was yanked from the agenda this week, just hours before a scheduled vote by the Senate Judiciary Committee. This is the second time in only two weeks that lawmakers have protected the depraved act of adults taking children as their spouses.

“SO disappointed! My SB 48 (outlaw child marriage) won’t be called for a vote,” sponsor  Julie Raque Adams, a Louisville Republican, said in a Tweet. “It is disgusting that lobbying organizations would embrace kids marrying adults. We see evidence of parents who are addicted, abusive, neglectful pushing their children into predatory arms. Appalling.”


Appeals Court Revives Kentucky Lawsuit Against Planned Parenthood for Aborting Without License

– December 16, 2017

FRANKFORT, Ky. — The Kentucky Court of Appeals has reversed a lower court’s dismissal of a lawsuit against a Planned Parenthood affiliate for performing abortions without a license.

“[T]he [Cabinet for Health and Family Services] has plead facts which suggest Planned Parenthood did everything it could to begin performing abortions as soon as possible,” the court wrote on Friday. “While the Cabinet may have a difficult time proving its allegations, we believe said allegations are sufficient to state a claim upon which relief can be granted.”

As previously reported, in February 2016, Gov. Matt Bevin’s office announced that the Cabinet had filed a lawsuit against Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky, Inc. (PPINK) after finding that the then-newly opened Louisville location performed 23 unlicensed abortions between December and January.

Planned Parenthood has admitted that the abortions were indeed performed unlicensed, but said that the previous governor’s administration had told them that they needed to have an unannounced inspection before they could obtain the license.


Kentucky Judge Facing Ethics Charges for Recusing Self From Same-Sex Adoption Cases Resigns

– October 31, 2017

GLASGOW, Ky. — A Kentucky judge who announced earlier this year that he would recuse himself from hearing any same-sex adoption cases has resigned after the state’s Judicial Conduct Commission decided to charge him with ethics violations over his recusal.

Judge W. Mitchell Nance submitted a letter Thursday to Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin advising that he would resign effective Dec. 16. His attorneys therefore state that the charges leveled against him are subsequently moot.

“[S]ame-sex adoptions present a unique crisis of conscience for Judge Nance,” they wrote, and conflict with “his conscientious religious objection to a child’s adoption by a same-sex couple,” according to a response to the charges obtained by the Glasgow Daily Times.


Feds Seek Monetary Damages From 10 Who Blocked Doors of Kentucky Abortion Facility to Prevent Murder

– July 20, 2017

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The federal government has filed suit against 10 people who blocked the entrance to Kentucky’s last remaining abortion facility on Mother’s Day weekend to prevent mothers from murdering their unborn children.

“While the … individuals were sitting in front of the entrance to EMW, patients were not able to access the entrance to EMW,” the complaint, filed in U.S. District Court on Tuesday, reads. “In addition, volunteer escorts, who usually assist patients as they approach EMW, were unable to facilitate access access to the entrance to EMW, and individuals within EMW could not exit through the entrance.”

The government is asking the courts to create a buffer zone outside of the abortion facility and a restraining order to keep the 10—and anyone associated with them—from obstructing any woman seeking to obtain an abortion. It is also seeking compensatory monetary damages for each person who was unable to utilize EMW Women’s Clinic in Lexington due to their creation of a human blockade in front of the main door.


Ken Ham Reclaims Rainbow for God With Permanent Light on Ark; LGBT Advocates Riled

Leonardo Blair – July 20, 2017

Ken Ham, president of the Answers in Genesis Christian ministry that built the $100 million Ark Encounter biblical theme park in Williamstown, Kentucky, riled LGBT advocates Tuesday when he announced that they will be reclaiming the rainbow for God with permanent rainbow lights for their life-sized Noah’s Ark replica.

“We now have new permanent rainbow lights at the Ark Encounter so all can see that it is God’s rainbow and He determines its meaning in Genesis 6,” Ham said in a statement on Facebook. “The rainbow is a reminder God will never again judge the wickedness of man with a global Flood — next time the world will be judged by fire.

“The Ark is lit permanently at night with a rainbow to remind the world that God owns it and He decreed it’s a sign of His covenant with man after the Flood — Christians need to take back the rainbow as we do at the Ark Encounter,” he added.


3.2 Magnitude Quake Hits Near Bardwell

West Kentucky Star Staff – May 17, 2017

BARDWELL, KY – The ground shook across portions of at least three states, after a magnitude 3.2 quake struck directly underneath the Mississippi River just west of Bardwell.

The USGS says the quake happened at 5:20 am, Tuesday.  Within minutes of the ground shaking, residents of western Kentucky began logging on to the USGS website and registering they felt the quake.

This is the third quake along the New Madrid over the past week.  A magnitude 2.9 struck near Lilbourn, Missouri on Sunday, and a 1.9 last week near Tiptonville, Tennessee.

No damage has been reported with any of the tremors.


ACLU challenges Kentucky’s new ultrasound abortion law

AP – January 9, 2017

Fighting back against the Republican majority in Kentucky’s Legislature, abortion rights supporters filed a federal lawsuit Monday aimed at blocking a new state law that requires women to get an ultrasound and have the fetal images described to them before having an abortion.

The American Civil Liberties Union went to court soon after Republican Gov. Matt Bevin signed the ultrasound bill into law — one of two abortion measures put on a fast track to passage last week from the GOP-led House and Senate in the first week of the 2017 session.

The ACLU said the ultrasound law violates privacy and 1st Amendment rights by requiring abortion providers to show and describe the ultrasound images to pregnant women, even if the women avert their eyes, which is permissible. The procedure also would seek to detect the fetal heartbeat, but women could ask that the volume of the heartbeat be reduced or turned off, if audible.

The law “compels women to listen to this government-mandated speech while lying captive on the examination table,” according to the lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Louisville.

Bevin called it “sound legislation” and predicted it would hold up in court.


ACLU Sues Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis to Recover $233K in Costs From ‘Gay Marriage’ License Legal Battle



FRANKFORT, K.Y. — The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has filed a lawsuit against Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis in an effort to recover costs from its recent legal battle over Davis’ refusal to issue marriage licenses to homosexuals as long as her name was on the document.

The ACLU is asking U.S. District Judge David Bunning to order Davis to pay up $233,058 in legal fees and other expenses, but Davis’ attorneys state that the organization isn’t entitled to the payment since Davis prevailed in the matter in the long run.

“Courts recognize that when successful civil rights plaintiffs obtain a direct benefit from a court-ordered victory, such as in this case, they can be entitled to their legal expenses to deter future civil rights violations by government officials,” William Sharp, legal director of the Kentucky ACLU, told reporters.

“The ACLU is not entitled to attorney’s fees according to the prevailing standard in the Sixth Circuit,” also remarked Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, in a statement. “Kim Davis won the case and the case is closed.


14 earthquakes hit Tennessee and Missouri in the New Madrid Seismic Zone in 24 hours – Is the Big One near?


siesmograph showing earthquake