‘No food, no medicine, no money’: Yemeni town faces mass death by starvation

RT – January 14, 2017

Nearly 19 million Yemenis are in need of humanitarian aid, according to the UN, but the worst of the civilian impact of the two-year civil war in the country has fallen on the district of Tuhayat on the Red Sea coast

As RT’s Arabic-language crew visited the area, they witnessed scenes of chaos – as locals scrambled to acquire food – and quiet desperation, with many residents swollen with hunger, waiting for outside help, or resigned to their fate.

Salem is an eight-year-old boy, though like many in similar struggling areas around the world, he looks small enough to be mistaken for a toddler.

“We have no energy left, and I have no money with which to treat my child,” says his mother, admitting that the boy is severely malnourished, just one of more than 1.5 million children suffering from the same fate in the country, according to the United Nations.

Fishing used to be the prime source of subsistence for villagers here, prior to the break out of the full-scale civil war between the insurgent Shia Houthis, and the incumbent Sunni government in early 2015.

The area remains under control of the Houthis, but the Saudi-led international coalition, which is supporting the Sunnis, who constitute just under half of the population, has blockaded the coastal areas.


Food crisis in NE Nigeria like Darfur, S.Sudan: UN


young boy suffering from severe acute malnutrition

Afp – July 11, 2016

Urgent funding is needed to keep thousands of people alive in Boko Haram-hit northeast Nigeria, the UN said Monday, stressing that the situation borders on famine and compares to crises in Darfur and South Sudan.

Aid agencies have been warning increasingly of food shortages in hard-to-reach areas of Borno state, while one NGO said last week some inaccessible parts could be suffering from famine.

Toby Lanzer, the UN’s regional humanitarian coordinator for the Sahel, including the Lake Chad basin, said progress had been made in recent years, as the Islamists lost control of territory.


Venezuelans Ransack Stores as Hunger Grips the Nation


hungry VENEZUELAN children

 – June 21, 2016

CUMANÁ, Venezuela — With delivery trucks under constant attack, the nation’s food is now transported under armed guard. Soldiers stand watch over bakeries. The police fire rubber bullets at desperate mobs storming grocery stores, pharmacies and butcher shops. A 4-year-old girl was shot to death as street gangs fought over food.

Venezuela is convulsing from hunger.

Hundreds of people here in the city of Cumaná, home to one of the region’s independence heroes, marched on a supermarket in recent days, screaming for food. They forced open a large metal gate and poured inside.


Ethiopia and the End of Famine

A rider with scales sits upon a black horse. This depiction is represenative of a scarcity of food and famine.

Ethiopian expatriates mobilise to keep famine at bay

…This year, grain stocks will be more meagre than usual. In recent years the rains in the Horn of Africa haven’t followed their usual cycles. Crops have withered. Haregewoin says there’s already severe hunger and in the coming months it will be significantly worse. About 10-million Ethiopians don’t have enough food and four million children are at risk.