Study: Over 200 Million Christians Worldwide Facing Severe Persecution

Edwin Mora – January 11, 2018

WASHINGTON, DC — North Korea stands at the top of a list of 50 countries where at least 215 million Christians faced the most severe persecution in 2017, resulting in 3,066 deaths and 1,020 rapes mainly targeting women, revealed Open Doors, an organization that monitors ill-treated Christians worldwide.

At the National Press Club on Wednesday, David Curry, the president and CEO of Open Doors, unveiled the 2018 World Wide List (WWL) of the top 50 “most dangerous” countries to worship Jesus. Referring to North Korea, he declared:

Imagine in your mind a leader that thinks he’s god but acts like an animal — devouring his own people with his teeth where people are forced to worship at the statute of Kim Jung Un and bow down and lay flowers at his feet as if he was a god.

Yet, [Kim] sets up controls mechanisms, neighborhood watches that surround communities rewarding citizens for spying on each other giving them more food if they find somebody who has a Bible and who purports to a be a Christian and that makes Christians the number one enemy of the state in North Korea and that’s why it is the number one on the world’s watchlist.

Open Doors pointed out that thousands of Christians are facing death worldwide for practicing their faith, particularly in North Korea.

Report: Global Christian Persecution Rose for Third Year in a Row in 2016

– January 15, 2017

SANTA ANA, Calif. — A watchdog organization that releases a report each year on the global persecution of Christians says that acts of hostility against believers rose for the third year in a row in 2016, with persecution in South and Southeast Asia particularly rising to “unprecedented levels.”

“For Christians in the West, the Open Doors World Watch List is a clear indicator that we need to advocate on behalf of those who do not have the same religious freedom privileges we do,” said David Curry, president and CEO of Open Doors USA in a statement.

The organization released its annual “World Watch List” on Wednesday, which marks the 50 most dangerous places to live as a Christian. It noted that out of the 50 countries on the list, an estimated 215 million Christians currently face significant or extreme persecution.

North Korea ranked the worst place to live as a Christian for the 15th year in a row, but the countries that followed were not far behind.

The World Watch List found that Islamic terror was also a major force behind the global persecution, including in a number of African nations, where groups like Al-Shabaab and Boko Haram make life difficult for followers of Christ.