Mum and three daughters stabbed in France for being ‘too scantily dressed’


map of southern France

ITV – July 19, 2016

A mother and her three daughters have been stabbed in France for apparently being too ‘scantily dressed’.

An eight-year-old girl is said to be fighting for her life after suffering a punctured lung in the knife attack in the Hautes-Alpes region.

The mum, aged 46, and her two older daughters, aged 12 and 14,were taken to hospital but are believed to have minor injuries.

Police said a 37-year-old man – thought to be the family’s neighbour – had been arrested and taken into custody.

Local reports suggested the family had been targeted for the way they were dressed.

22 schoolgirls ‘suffered mass demonic possession’ and foamed at mouth after playing game of ‘Charlie Charlie’


Mass demonic possesion

Stephen Jones -July 12, 2016

This is the chilling moment 22 schoolgirls – aged between 12 and 15 – ‘suffered mass demonic possession’ after playing a game of ‘Charlie Charlie’.

The children were screaming, writhing and hallucinating – and some were even foaming at the mouth.

One victim claimed she could see a ‘man dressed in black’ while possessed – and locals are praying against witchcraft as authorities warn against playing the game.

The traumatic incident happened on Saturday in the Choco region of Colombia which borders with Panama.

Ground around one of the world’s most dangerous volcano systems is raising up



– July 12, 2016

The ground around one of the world’s most dangerous volcanic systems has been moving upwards over the last decade, raising 38cm in the last 10 years. The movement at Italy’s Campi Flegrei – or, as it’s also known, the Phlegraean Fields – has raised concerns of an impending eruption, but scientists have now said this is not necessarily the case.

Campi Flegrei, an enormous volcanic area, sits across the Bay of Naples from Mount Vesuvius. The caldera includes 24 craters and volcanic networks and is mostly situated underwater. It gained widespread attention in 2009 after scientists suggested inflation at the site could signal a forthcoming eruption.

Beijing to Close off Parts of South China Sea for Military Drills


This areal photo taken through a glass window of a military plane shows China's alleged on-going reclamation of Mischief Reef in the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea Monday, May 11, 2015. Gen. Gregorio Pio Catapang, the Philippines' military chief, has flown to Pag-asa Island, a Filipino-occupied island in the South China Sea amid territorial disputes in the area with China, vowing to defend the islet and help the mayor develop tourism and marine resources there. (Ritchie B. Tongo/Pool Photo via AP)

July 18, 2016

China announced Monday that it will close off part of the South China Sea for military drills this week, just days after an international arbitration court ruled that Beijing’s disputed claims to the strategic waterway are invalid.

China’s Maritime Safety Administration said that an area southeast of the southern island province of Hainan would be closed from Monday to Thursday to allow for the military exercises. The military would not elaborate on any specifics regarding the drills.

The Chinese government has refused to comply with the Permanent Court of Arbitration’s July 12 ruling in The Hague,Netherlands, that nullified its territorial and maritime claims to virtually the entire South China Sea.

North Korea fires three ballistic missiles in latest series of tests


epa05238715 <p>North Korea fired an unidentified projectile into the sea off its east coast. Tensions between </p><br /> <p>North Korea and the west have intensified due to the west's implimentation of economic sanctions in response to North Korea's pursuit of nuclear weapons and test firing of delivery systems. EPA/KCNA/HANDOUT SOUTH KOREA OUT HANDOUT EDITORIAL USE ONLY

Chloe Kerr – July 18, 2016

North Korea has launched three powerful ballistic missiles from its east coast.

The weapons are thought to be Scud missiles, in defiance of UN sanctions banning the communist state from nuclear testing.

The missiles were launched towards the east from an area in the North’s western region from 5:45 a.m. (2045 GMT Monday) to 6:40 a.m.

The  range is between 300-360 miles, well within reach of all of South Korea, the South’s military said.

British Parliament Votes to Renew Trident Nuclear Arms Program


Trident nuclear submarine

Sputnik News – July 19, 2016

With a vote of 472 to 117, British lawmakers approved the modernization of the country’s aging nuclear weapons system and will add four new nuclear submarines to its fleet.

The 205 billion-pound initiative is seen as a requirement for the United Kingdom to remain a world power, particularly in the wake of the Brexit referendum in which Britain voted to leave the European Union.
The modernization essentially means that the UK will be able to keep atomic weapons at sea continuously.

“We cannot outsource the grave responsibility we have for keeping our people safe, and we cannot abandon our ultimate safeguard out of misplaced idealism,” newly appointed-Prime Minister Theresa May said ahead of the vote. “That would be a reckless gamble.”

Deutsche Bank Collapse May Trigger ‘Global Financial Catastrophe’


Deutsche Bank

Sputnik News – July 18, 2016

In June, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) labelled Deutsche Bank as the most risky global financial institution. Experts do not believe the bank will suffer the same destiny as Lehman Brothers. But if it does this would be a global financial catastrophe.

In late-June, the IMF stated that Deutsche Bank is the most important net contributor to systemic risks among the global systemically important banks, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Moreover, the United States Federal Reserve reported that the US subsidiary of the bank had failed a stress test due to poor risk management and financial planning. A total of 33 banks were tested, and two of them, Deutsche Bank and Santander, failed.

City: Surrender 4th Amendment rights or else



Bob Unruh – July 16, 2016

A new federal lawsuit has been filed against Highland, California, alleging the city is forcing rental property owners and tenants both to volunteer for searches and inspections – or face penalties.

According to the filings from the Pacific Legal Foundation, at issue are the city’s “coercive” tactics in implementing a program for overseeing rental units.

“Instead of simply responding where there have been complaints about code violations, the city adopted the goal of aggressively inspecting all 4,800 rentals within city limits, whether or not there have been complaints,” the organization explained.

Biodiversity plunges below ‘safe’ levels: study


Terra Daily – July 14, 2016

Having a range of different plant and animal species helps guarantee the health of the Earth, but a study Thursday suggested that biodiversity may be declining beyond safe levels.

On 58 percent of the world’s land surface, which is home to 71 percent of the global population, “the level of biodiversity loss is substantial enough to question the ability of ecosystems to support human societies,” said the report in the US journal Science.

Researchers at University College London based their study on data from hundreds of international scientists, crunching 2.38 million records for more than 39,000 species at more than 18,000 sites in the world.

Mass Exodus of Jews Planning to Flee France After Nice Attack


kosher jew and french soldier

ETH – July 18, 2016

The recent terror attack in France has sparked concern in the Jewish People of France. According to a recent report from the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (The Fellowship), the main organization helping Jews of France immigrate to Israel (make aliyah), has received thousands of recent inquiries from French Jews seeking to go to Israel and expects that number to climb following the terror that struck Nice.  The Fellowship in June brought 82 Jews from across France to Israel, and, additionally, is preparing to bring more than 150 to Israel this month, including several Nice families.