Act of Censorship? Wikipedia Page for Scientist Who Supports Intelligent Design Deleted

– November 20, 2017

Proponents of Intelligent Design are crying foul after the Wikipedia page for a respected scientist who believes that God created the universe with a purpose was recently deleted.

Günter Bechly is a paleo-entomologist in Germany whose areas of expertise include fossil history and insect origins. A Roman Catholic, Bechly says he grew up in a secular home but concluded later that the evidence for Darwinian evolution is weak and the data pointing to Intelligent Design is strong.

“Many people think that somebody who comes to doubt the neo-Darminian process and embraces intelligent design probably was religious from the very beginning, probably is an evangelical Christian, and has his axes to grind—his religious axe to grind,” Bechly said in a documentary published recently on YouTube by the Discovery Institute. “I came via a totally different path…I’m coming from a family background which is totally secular, agnostic. [I] was not baptized, didn’t join any kind of religious education, never went to church, so I was completely irreligious.”

Bechly says he rejects atheism, materialism, naturalism and scientism, and that his work as a scientist led him to believe in the hand of God in creation.

LGBTQ Activists Set their Sights on Christian Universities and Colleges

John Ellis – November 7, 2017

If Christians had a nickel for every time progressives threw the charge of “slippery slope fallacy” in our face over the last couple of decades (if not longer), we’d use all that extra money to continue funding charities, adopting children, and enacting true social justice throughout the world. For years, whenever we warned that progressives would begin explicitly targeting our churches and schools, we were scolded and told that they simply wanted to see equality purely in the civic arena; we had nothing to fear. That, of course, gave way to forcing Christians bakers to violate the tenets of their faith, among other oppressive tactics. Now, progressives have their sights set on undermining Christian institutions of higher learning.

In a piece of blatant LGBTQ propaganda, Lauren Ileana Sotolongo opened her recent HuffPost piece with a brief anecdote about a lesbian couple secretly holding hands. Fearful at the approach of a fellow student, the couple let their hands drop, their “romantic” moment ruined. The kicker — the two are students at Azusa Pacific University, a Christian university that adheres to the Bible’s teaching on sexuality.

The article’s thesis is couched in an extremely slanted take on California’s SB1146. Claiming that the bill “would’ve taken away the exemption of religious universities to anti-discrimination laws,” Sotolongo goes on to complain, “But administrations [of Christian universities and colleges] fought back, and the bill was amended.”

Judge lets city manipulate zoning to block Christian school

Bob Unruh – November 15, 2017

A federal judge has let an Ohio city manipulate its zoning enforcement to prevent a large Christian school from occupying an office building in its commercial district that had been abandoned by the previous owners when it was purchased.

In a lawsuit brought by the Tree of Life Christian school against the city of Upper Arlington, the city is demanding that the building obtained by the school to consolidate its multiple campuses and house additional students – up to an expected 1,300 – be used by commercial interests to generate more tax revenue.

The school sued under the equal-rights federal Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act, pointing out that the city already allowed daycare centers in its business district, a function similar to that of a school.

The city then, with the approval of U.S. District Judge George C. Smith, banished the daycare centers so that the Christian school could not use the equal-treatment argument.

Evangelical Church Sees Dramatic Decline After Pro-Gay Marriage Stance

Jeffrey Walton – November 14, 2917

A once-large Nashville-area Evangelical congregation that made headlines after its pastor announced that the church would conduct same-sex marriages is selling its campus and relocating to rented space.

After his announcement of LGBT support in 2015, Pastor Stan Mitchell of GracePointe Church in Franklin, Tennessee was profiled in Time magazine. But what was a much sought-after sign of Evangelical movement towards LGBT affirmation may have been wishful thinking on the part of cultural progressives pouring money into programs that aim to shift Evangelical pastors’ views on sexuality.

Time‘s Elizabeth Dias identified GracePointe as “one of the first evangelical megachurches in the country to openly stand for full equality and inclusion of the LGBTQ community.”

Christians Told to Replace Posters of Jesus With President Xi If They Want Illness, Poverty Relief

Stoyan Zaimov – November 14, 2017

Thousands of villagers in southeastern China have reportedly been called to replace their posters of Jesus Christ and other religious imagery with photographs of Chinese President Xi Jinping if they want assistance with poverty and illness relief.

The South China Morning Post reported that the suggestion by Chinese authorities to replace posters of Jesus with Xi hearkens back to the “personality cult” era of Chairman Mao Zedong, the founder of the People’s Republic of China.

It noted that Xi has made it his target to end poverty by 2020, with government officials visiting Christian families in poverty-stricken towns to convince them to fall in line with the Communist Party’s policies as a way to solve their material problems.

Christian Teacher Suspended for ‘Misgendering’ Pupil

Virginia Hale – November 12, 2017

A  teacher has been suspended and could lose his job after allegations he referred to a pupil who was born female, but “self-identifies” as a boy, as a girl.

A complaint was made against Joshua Sutcliffe, a Christian who teaches at a British state secondary school, after he said, “Well done girls” to the pupil and her friend in class, when he saw the pair working hard.

The math teacher apologized when “corrected” by the pupil, and thought no more about the incident until six weeks later, according to the Mail on Sunday, when he was called to the head’s office and told he was suspended from teaching while the Oxfordshire school investigates a “transgender complaint” made against him.

Mr Sutcliffe is to appear at a formal disciplinary hearing this week to face misconduct charges, after a week-long investigation found him guilty of “misgendering’ the teenager, “demonstrating discriminatory behaviors” and having “contravene[d] the school’s equality policy”.

Teaching Children About Sin Now Considered “Extremist”

PNW Staff – November 10, 2017

A Church of England primary school has found itself thrust into an unexpected controversy over an essential doctrine of the Chrisitian faith.  what would seem like a perfectly normal religious instruction to children has a group of parents complaining such teaching is “extremist”.

Bowing to pressure, Dan Turvey, the headmaster of St. John’s School in Tunbridge Wells, has broken off the 16-year working relationship with CrossTeach, an educational charity group.

What is the “potentially damaging ideology” that the children were exposed to? A group of 25 parents have signed their names to a letter complaining that the children were being taught about our sinful nature and, that because of sin, if they didn’t believe in God, “they would not go to a good place when they died.

“The students were said to have been “upset and disturbed emotionally” by this lesson, and as a result, CrossTeach won’t be invited to conduct any more assemblies or Bible lessons.

New Zealand Removes Jesus’ Name From Parliament Prayer

Stoyan Zaimov – November 9, 2017

The parliament of the increasingly secular nation of New Zealand has removed a reference to Jesus Christ in a new version of a prayer that is said before the start of every sitting session.

Radio New Zealand reported on Thursday that Speaker of the House Trevor Mallard has already started using the new version despite the period of consultation not yet being over.

The original version of the prayer read:

“Almighty God, humbly acknowledging our need for Thy guidance in all things, and laying aside all private and personal interests, we beseech Thee to grant that we may conduct the affairs of this House and of our country to the glory of Thy holy name, the maintenance of true religion and justice, the honor of the Queen, and the public welfare, peace, and tranquility of New Zealand, through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

Beside dropping Jesus’ name, the new version also removes references to Britain’s queen, who acts as Supreme Governor of the Church of England.

Evangelical Couple Denied Application to Adopt Child Because They Disagree With Gay Marriage

Stoyan Zaimov – November 9, 2017

An evangelical Christian couple from Alberta, Canada, said that their application to adopt a child was rejected by the government because they do not agree with gay marriage.

The couple, who weren’t named in the legal documents, have filed a discrimination case against Alberta, claiming that their religious views on marriage being a union between a man and a woman were targeted, CBC News reported.

“The casework supervisor explained that our religious beliefs regarding sexuality were incompatible with the adoption process,” an affidavit calling for a judicial review of the government’s decision said.

“The casework supervisor said this stance was the ‘official position of the Alberta government.'”

Pope Francis requests Roman Catholic priests be given the right to get married

Matilda Long – November 2, 2017

Pope Francis has requested that Roman Catholic priests be given the right to get married.

The request applies to priests in Brazil, and is on the agenda for an upcoming synod (church council) in the Amazon region.

The controversial move would address the critical shortage of men joining the priesthood – but is likely to drive divisions through the church by enraging conservative factions.

A small number of married Roman Catholic priests already exist, including previously married Anglican vicars who have joined the church.