Cabinet at war: Theresa May convenes ministers at Chequers to settle Brexit divisions

– February 22, 2018

Theresa May has brought her cabinet ministers together at her country residence of Chequers in the hope of bridging some of the divisions that remain over Brexit.

Ministers have been at loggerheads over the direction that the UK should be moving, with pro-Brexit MPs calling for a clean break, while pro-remain minsters are calling for a softer and less harsh departure from the EU.

As well as her own ministers, the PM needs to convince EU leaders that the UK has a clear direction and vision that it wants from Brexit.

Before the UK officially leaves the EU, a transition period will take place, currently billed as from March 2019 to December 2020.

Ministers have so far failed to agree on how the UK should proceed during this near two-year period with debate over new rules and ongoing EU policies.

Tiangong-1: Out-of-control space station will crash to Earth between March and April

 – February 5, 2018

The European Space Agency’s Space Debris Office has announced that it expects China’s out-of-control Tiangong-1 space station to re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere sometime between mid-March and mid-April.

However, the office warns that this estimate is “highly variable” and subject to change due to a variety of factors, such as changes in the Earth’s atmosphere.

The space agency also predicts that the spacecraft will re-enter somewhere between the 43rd north and south parallels. This large portion of the Earth either side of the equator includes many populous countries, including the US, China and Japan. However, it is important to note that the odds of a piece of Tiangong hitting someone are infinitesimally small.

Sweden’s Move Away From Cash Accelerating

TruNews – February 19, 2018

Central bank officials in Sweden are growing increasingly concerned about the population’s accelerating move away from paper currency, which could result in an economic collapse.

“No Cash Accepted” signs are popping up all over the Scandinavian country, prompting a review of the country’s banking regulations. The overriding concern is that if the move to a cashless society happens too quickly, it could lead to a catastrophic economic collapse.

Sweden was already drifting away from paper currency, and in fact most bank branches don’t even handle cash at all. But now, many businesses will only accept debit cards or mobile payment systems, which is seen as detrimental to the poor and elderly, many of whom do not have access to new financial technology.

Cash circulation in Sweden, regarded by a majority of analysts as the most cashless economy on the planet, has dropped to the lowest levels in nearly 30 years following back-to-back years with the steepest declines in cash use.

Top German Diplomat Says Berlin Can ‘No Longer Recognize’ America

Sputnik News – February 18, 2018

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel acknowledged during Saturday‘s Munich Security Conference that Berlin has, since World War II, benefited more from US assistance than any other European country, but decried the current ‘America First’ foreign policy of US President Donald Trump and his cabinet.

Gabriel noted that historically, Germany “eagerly learned” from the US about Washington-style democracy, including its business-friendly deregulated trade regimes and strong-arm tactics using favorable international laws, but he nonetheless complained, “Is it deeds, is it words, is it tweets we should look at to measure America?” cited by the Associated Press.

The top German diplomat asked for improved cooperation between the US and the EU, and stated that “just pursuing individual national interests” is not appropriate at this moment in history.

Gabriel suggested that Washington had done an about face from its previous EU-friendly diplomacy, approaching a more adversarial foreign-policy approach that was “constantly trying to test or undermine” the economic bloc.

More than 1,400 families are homeless in the wealthiest area of the UK

– February 14, 2018

One in every seven families living in the wealthiest area of the UK is technically homeless, according to reports.

Homeless charity Shelter said a total of 1,441 families living in the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea are staying in temporary accommodation or places that are insecure, unsafe or could not “reasonably” be called a home.

Overall, around 44,000 families in the capital are classed as homeless by Shelter, an increase of 46% over the past five years.

Among some of those homeless families include those displaced in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire who still have not been permanently rehomed.

EC President Juncker defends system against French calls for reform

DW – February 14, 2018

Speaking to journalists on Wednesday, European Commission (EC) President Jean-Claude Juncker used strong language to push back on comments made earlier in the day by UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

“Some in British political society are against the truth, pretending that I am a stupid, stubborn federalist, that I am in favor of a European super-state,” Juncker told a news conference in Brussels. “I am strictly against a European super-state. We are not the United States of America … This is total nonsense.”

Speaking in London, Johnson had said: “The process of integration has deepened and the corpus of EU law has grown ever vaster and intricate, and ever more powers and competencies have been handed to the EU institutions.”

Juncker also pushed back against proposals from the French president for a new election system for the EU. He said there was not enough time to implement transnational voting lists for European Parliament elections in 2019, a proposal the EU parliament voted down last week.

Mass Exodus From Venezuela’s Socialist Violence And Starvation

Mac Slavo – February 13, 2018

People are fleeing the socialism forced on them in Venezuela by the hundreds of thousands. Starving, and facing violence over crumbs of food, many have no choice but to flee the wasteland which used the authority of government to destroy the lives of its citizens.

Thousands of Venezuelans are attempting to flee the socialist dystopia their nation has become. They are attempting to make it to Colombia. In a desperate bid to escape the hunger and soaring crime rate caused by the spiraling economic crisis, fueled by socialist policies, incredible pictures have surfaced showing the mass exodus of refugees crossing the Simon Bolivar international bridge trying to flee the ongoing political crisis threatening to engulf Venezuela.

Colombia and its neighbor Brazil have both sent extra soldiers to patrol their porous borders with Venezuela after officially taking in more than half a million migrants over the last six months of 2017. The country is also tightening its border controls in a bid to stem the flow of starving people.

Prophecy watchers: Why are pope, Turk leader meeting over Jerusalem?

WND – February 10, 2018

WASHINGTON – Two rock stars of biblical prophecy with divergent views of future world events sat down for a three-hour debate over whether Islam or the Vatican is going to rule the world leading to the cataclysmic war that results in the return of Jesus to straighten things out.

Then last week the pope welcomed to the Vatican an Islamic world leader attempting to re-establish the Caliphate – with himself in charge. Now they agree that the meeting of Pope Francis and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan could have world-shaking consequences – whoever is right.

Erdogan’s spokesman, Ibrahim Kalin, said the future status of Jerusalem was high on the agenda and called for an end to racism, xenophobia, “Islamophobia” and discrimination.

Iowa Senate Passes Fetal Heartbeat Abortion Bill

Grace Carr – February 9, 2018

The Iowa state senate voted late Thursday to approve a bill making abortion illegal upon the presence of a fetal heartbeat, sending the bill to the senate’s Judiciary Committee, where it will face further scrutiny.

The senate panel voted 2-1 to approve Senate Study Bill 3143, which outlaws abortion if a fetal heartbeat is detected upon ultrasound. A heartbeat typically becomes detectable between six and nine weeks gestation. Any doctor who performs or attempts to perform an abortion on a woman after a heartbeat is detected will be charged with a Class D felony and subject to five years in prison and a fine of $750 to $7,500. The bill does however, allow abortion in cases where the mother’s life is in danger. No exceptions for rape, incest, or fetal abnormalities are included in the bill.

The Iowa house of representatives is currently reviewing a similar bill, H.F. 2163.

As Elections Approach, Italy Shows Record Alienation from European Union

Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D. – February 8, 2018

As national elections draw near, Italians find themselves further and further removed from the European Union (EU), according to a new study.

Support for the EU has fallen dramatically in Italy over the past 10 years and now ranks among the lowest in all of Europe, according to Berlin-based think tank European Council of Foreign Relations (ECFR), a fact that will benefit Eurosceptic candidates in the upcoming vote.

Whereas many EU member-states “feel increasingly European,” this is not the case in Greece, Italy, France, Poland, Hungary and Spain, the study found.

“The biggest concern is Italy, whose combined fall in structural and individual cohesion (-1.7 points) is the largest of any EU state,” ECFR said. It has gone from being one of the most Europhile countries to one of Europe’s most disaffected.”

“As elections approach, with populist parties railing against Brussels and Berlin, Italy’s cohesion profile is sliding ever closer towards that of the UK, which recently voted to leave the union,” the report states.