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The Church of God's Faithful seal has two olive trees (the two Witnesses & two Churches) on a background of red. A golden candlestick with 7 arms (the Churches of God through time) floats on top witht the last two candles aflame (the last two Churches of God - Philidelphia & Laodiceia). The title Church of God's Faithful arcs above.

The Faithful Watchman will now be updated weekly on Friday nights.

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The Church of God’s Faithful

“… beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, one day is with the Lord as a THOUSAND YEARS and a THOUSAND YEARS as a day” (II Peter 3:8).

Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong recognized the pattern and applied it SPIRITUALLY!

Applying this principle to the weekly pattern, Mr. Armstrong understood man was given SIX one thousand-year days to go his own way, but the SEVENTH day would be the LORD’S DAY. The great fulfillment of this symbolic WEEK would NOT be repeated on a regular basis as the weekly cycle. The LORD’S DAY would continue on for ETERNITY! Within the Lord’s Day, that lasts forever, would be a 1000-year “Sabbath Rest” or the World Tomorrow reign of Jesus Christ and the Saints.

As appears by the best calculations, including those of Herbert W. Armstrong, the renewing of the face of the earth culminating in the creation of man took place in 4004BC. This means that 6000 years of MAN’S TIME under the influence of Satan ended in 1997, when GOD’S TIME, the DAY OF THE LORD, ETERNITY, began once again. For more information about this most vitally important subject, please refer to Mr. Robert Ardis’ booklet The Day of the Lord.

Furthermore, from Jesus Christ’s Revelation to the Apostle John, it is very evident that all 7 Seals of the Book of Revelation are opened by Jesus Christ Himself in the Day of the Lord (Rev. 1:10). This obviously includes the first 4 Seals, which precede the Great Tribulation, the Day of the Lord’s Wrath, Jesus Christ’s Return in the clouds and the Resurrection of the Firstfruits at the sounding of the 7th Trump, as well as His Return to Earth with His Wife to crush all opposition and initiate the Millennium.

Through The Faithful Watchman, we endeavor to keep ourselves abreast of how our Lord Jesus Christ is orchestrating the ride of the 4 Horsemen as He sets the scene for the 2 Witnesses to begin their 1260 days of prophesying and for the Great Tribulation to begin.