Super gonorrhoea OUTBREAK worsens as new strains emerge – and there is NO CURE

Henry Holloway – August 8, 2018

SUPER gonorrhoea has taken hold as seven new strains of the sexually transmitted infection (STI) emerged fuelling fears of an outbreak.

Two completely drug-resistant versions of the venereal disease have been found and identified – with fears rampant unprotected sex could rigger an epidemic.

Doctors have been unable to treat patients with antibiotic ceftriaxone and azithromycin.

And sufferers have been left with a gonorrhoea – also known as the clap – infection that causes extreme pain during urination.

Australia’s federal government has issued a report warning of the risk of the “continuing threat of antimicrobial resistance by dangerous bacteria”.

Officials added another five strains of gonorrhoea have been found which have “high level resistance” to treatments.