TINDERBOX Deadly wildfires and killer heatwaves are ripping through the planet from Athens and Sweden to Los Angeles and Japan

Paul Sims and Mark Hodge – July 25, 2018

THE planet is ablaze as it was gripped by a mammoth killer heatwave which has left hundreds dead.

Across Europe, North America and Japan, searing heat and devastating wildfires have also left tens of thousands in hospital.

Temperatures in baking Britain are set to hit 35C (95F) tomorrow.

With no significant rain, one water company has even begged to be allowed to pump extra water from the Lake District to maintain supplies.

The worldwide trail of extreme heat, death and destruction has seen at least 79 dead around the Greek capital Athens in the country’s worst wildfire in a decade.

Temperatures of  41C (106F) in Japan killing 65, with more than 22,000 in hospital with heat stroke.

Forest fires in Sweden and Norway which have left one dead and dozens injured.

The heatwave hit cities across Canada and led to at least 70 deaths in Quebec province alone.

Record-breaking temperatures in parts of southern California, including 49C (120F)in Chino, outside of Los Angeles.

Reports from Algeria say the hottest temperatures ever recorded in Africa was in the northern city of Ouargla on July 5 which suffered a scorching 51.3C (124.3F) heatwave.