Communist Chinese Organ Harvesting Draws Global Condemnation

 – June 20, 2018

Despite official denials, the Communist Chinese regime’s barbaric organ-harvesting program is drawing renewed attention and condemnation from Missouri and Georgia to Canada, Japan, Australia, and everywhere in between. Numerous legislatures around the world have taken testimony and even approved official condemnations of the practice, which often involves murdering prisoners of conscience jailed for their beliefs. But with the mass-murdering dictatorship in China trying to whitewash the atrocities involved in its multi-billion-dollar organ-trade business, activists and lawmakers say humanity must turn up the pressure.

The horrific Communist Chinese practice of stealing organs from prisoners and even religious or political dissidents has been well documented, and global awareness is growing. And so the regime has launched a campaign to mislead the world, claiming that it no longer steals organs from prisoners. At a Vatican conference on organ trafficking earlier this year, Communist Chinese “health” officials, whose mere presence stirred controversy worldwide, even pretended that the regime in Beijing was working to combat the illegal organ trade. But numerous experts and investigators, even from left-wing groups such as Amnesty International, suggested that the regime continues to murder people and plunder their organs with impunity.