Canadian Supreme Court Rules Proposed Christian Law School Can Be Denied Accreditation as Lifestyle Covenant Could ‘Harm’ Homosexuals

– June 16, 2018

OTTAWA, Ontario — “Religious freedom can be limited where an individual’s beliefs or practices harm or interfere with the rights of others,” the Supreme Court of Canada ruled on Friday in issuing opinions in favor of the Law Society of British Columbia (LSBC) and the Law Society of Upper Canada’s (LSUC) decisions not to grant accreditation to a proposed Christian law school in the province.

It said that Trinity Western University’s requirement that students agree to a lifestyle covenant, which includes a commitment to reserve sexual intimacy for marriage—and that between a man and a woman—is “exclusionary” and could cause harm to homosexuals.

As previously reported, the university has three concurrent lawsuits running against various provincial legal societies that have denied approval for the university to open an accredited law school due to its stance on sexuality and marriage.