Rise In Possessions Leads To Vatican Holding ‘Exorcist Training’

The Daily Sheeple – June 4, 2018

The Vatican held an “exorcist training” course for priests a few months ago in preparation for the rise in demonic possessions across the globe. Demands for the practice of exorcism have risen worldwide thereby prompting the demands for deliverance.

The Vatican-backed International Association of Exorcists, which represents more than 200 Catholic, Anglican and Orthodox priests, said the increase represented a “pastoral emergency.” According to a priest from Sicily, the number of people in Italy claiming to be possessed by demonic entities had tripled to 500,000 a year, and an Irish priest has said demand for exorcisms has “risen exponentially.” According to The Guardian, last year, the Christian think tank Theos reported that exorcisms were a “booming industry” in the UK, particularly among Pentecostal churches.

Some warn that “deliverance ministry,” as exorcism is often called, can be a form of spiritual abuse. Critics also say LGBT people and those with mental health issues are targeted for deliverance in the belief that their sexuality or psychiatric problems are the results of demonic possession.  Many others, however, actually believe themselves to be possessed by one or more demonic entities.