Massive insect plague: Millions of caterpillars invade Blue Hill, Maine and trigger a statewide traffic advisory

Strange Sounds – June 9, 2018

Their smell reminds Devon Granger of a bait truck. And when she runs them over with her car, the sound makes her think of popcorn, popping. Granger is talking about the caterpillars. That’s right. Millions of caterpillars have invaded Blue Hill, Maine for the last few weeks, eating everything on their path and even triggering a statewide traffic advisory for slippery conditions.

Millions of the fuzzy little beasts have flooded Mines Road between Second and Third ponds for the last few weeks or so. It has created such a hazard that state officials have placed an electronic sign in the area and posted a statewide traffic advisory warning motorists to go slow in the slippery conditions lest they have an accident.

The approximately 2-mile stretch of the road, which is also known as Route 176 or Route 15, features trees almost completely denuded of leaves, said Aaron Osborn, a 23-year-old plumber from Brooksville whose mother, Margaret Perkins Tufts, lives between the ponds on Douglas Loop road.