War cry: Sweden mobilizes all its reservists for 1st time in 40 years (PHOTOS)

RT – June 6, 2018

For the first time since the height of Cold War, Sweden has called its entire Home Guard force – 22,000 reservists – for snap exercises. The drills were supposed to bolster country’s “defensive and operational capabilities.”

Sweden mobilized all 40 Home Guard battalions in an unprecedented exercise that has not been held since 1975. The drills marked the National Day of Sweden, celebrated on June 6.

“Our mission is to strengthen Sweden’s military defense and improve our operational capabilities,” Sweden’s Supreme Commander Micael Byden said in a statement. “We are testing the chain of mobilization for around half our organization, something we have not done since 1975.”

The main task of the Home Guard is to fulfill secondary military roles, such as patrolling and guarding important infrastructure objects, while the standing army is engaging an enemy at the frontlines. The home soldiers were seen on the streets across the country during the holiday, guarding the vital objects.