Oh no, here we go again: Atlantic hurricane season

Leila Macor – June 1, 2018

Listen closely and you’ll hear the groan of collective dread in Florida and the Caribbean: yes, it’s already hurricane season again.

Both places were pummeled last year by monster storms and both — in the case of Florida it was the plume of once-lovely coral islands known as the Florida Keys — are still struggling to rebuild.

“If a storm comes through, we’re screwed,” said Cindy P., a 48-year-old waitress who lives in the Keys and explained houses in the area weren’t yet prepared.

In the Caribbean, hit by two hurricanes in rapid-fire succession in September, the pain and shock of all that is still quite raw. People can’t seem to catch their breath.

This week alone, a new study concluded that in Puerto Rico, 4,645 people died as a result of Hurricane Maria. The official toll in the US territory is 64 dead.

Against that jittery and shell-shocked backdrop, the new hurricane season started Friday.