Atheists ask appeals court to banish Pensacola cross

Bob Unruh – May 19, 2018

The American Humanist Association Wednesday asked the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals to banish a Christian cross that has been standing in a park in Pensacola, Florida, for nearly 80 years, because it represents “a troubling elevation of the Christian faith above other beliefs and non-belief.”

The city, however, argues the Constitution permits government to recognize the significant role of religion in the nation’s history and culture.

In fact, according to Becket, a non-profit religious liberty law firm representing the city, of the four “Pensacola residents” on whose behalf the complaint was filed, two live in Canada and another lives outside the city.

The fourth, Becket said, has used the cross for his own “satanic purposes.”

“Religious symbols aren’t like graffiti that the government should erase as soon as someone complains,” said Luke Goodrich, senior counsel for Becket.