Hamas schedules Palestinian riots in Jerusalem, West Bank Tuesday, mulls rocket fire from Gaza

Debkafiles – May 14, 2018

Hamas is satisfied with having orchestrated the deadliest day of Palestinian violence in Gaza since 2014 – although it cost more than 50 Palestinian lives and 1,000 injured. The terrorist group’s declared goal was to overshadow the inauguration of the first US embassy in Jerusalem occurring that day, but equally to grab the Palestinian torch from Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah party in Ramallah and put the Palestinians back on the pressing international agenda. Meanwhile, some 40,000 Palestinians held out for 12 hours Monday against the IDF, and at least 35 fires set by flaming kites incinerated Israel farm crops. The Hamas perspective does not recognize its fiascoes. In fact, despite a cash flow from Iran and detailed organization, they failed to reach their targeted goal of 100,000 demonstrators. And the massed rioters, although constantly urged to smash their way across, failed even once to break through the Gaza-Israel border fence or breach any of the IDF positions lined up to secure the border.

Neither were substantial protests whipped up in other Palestinian areas, especially in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. Hamas strategists are therefore in a quandary about how to proceed next with their eight-week “March of Return.”