Projectiles fired towards Israeli forward defensive line in the Golan

Anna Ahronheim – May 10, 2018

Iranian forces on the Syrian-held side of the Golan Heights fired around 20 projectiles towards Israeli army positions in the forward defensive line of the Golan Heights causing no damage or injuries, the IDF confirmed Thursday morning.

“Around 12.10 in the morning there were some 20 projectiles fired towards communities in the Golan Heights fired by Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp’s elite Quds Force,” the IDF stated.

Incoming rocket sirens were activated early Thursday morning in Israel’s northern Golan Heights communities of Majdal Shams, Neve Ativ, Nimrod, Masa’ade, Buqa’ata, Odem, and El Rom.

The army would not comment on what exactly was fired from Syria towards Israel.

Following the strike local residents reported hearing loud booms and credited them to Israeli strikes in Syria and all roads near the Druze village of Masa’de were reported to have been closed to traffic.