Leak at the Belgian nuclear power plant Doel 1: Difficult to access and water highly radioactive

Strange Sounds – Apr 30, 2018

There has been a major accident at the Belgian nuclear power plant Doel near Antwerp on Sunday, April 29, 2018. According to Belgian media reports, several liters of highly radioactive water are lost daily in a leak located in a water pipe in the emergency cooling system of Reactor Doel 1.

The leak is difficult to access and workers can only stay in place for a short time due to the radiation.

Now the reactor is set to remain off the grid until at least October, also because of further routine work. He also said that there is currently no danger to the population.

Last Monday (23.04.2018) the reactor had allegedly been shut down for maintenance. Reactor 1 is the oldest kiln of four reactors in Doel. Actually Doel 1 should have had already been shut down in 2015, but its ‘lifetime’ has been extended to 2025.