Alfie Evans Defied Death And Breathed For 17 Hours Without Life Support. Now His Parents Are Fighting For His Life Again

Joshua Gill – April 24, 2018

Alfie Evans’ parents are headed back to court after Alfie defied his court-ordered death and breathed on his own for 17 hours without life-support.

Doctors at Alder Hey Hospital removed Alfie from assisted breathing at 9:17 p.m. local time after U.K. judges approved plans to end his life support treatment despite the fact that hospital staff missed the initial court ordered time, 12 p.m., for ending his treatment, according to The Sun.

Tom Evans, Alfie’s father, said that it was apparent within minutes of being removed from assisted breathing that Alfie was breathing on his own, leaving doctors “gobsmacked.” Alfie continued to breathe throughout the night, for 17 hours, and is still alive despite being temporarily denied water, food, and oxygen assistance. Doctors expected him to last only minutes after being taken off life support. (RELATED: Judge Strikes Down Appeal For Alfie Evans’ Life)