Worst flooding in years in Kauai, Hawaii: Mudslides and flash flooding trigger state of emergency after 27 inches of rainfall fall in 24 hours on Kauai

Strange Sounds – Apr 16, 2018

Dozens of people were stranded at several Red Cross shelters after the storm dropped over two feet of rain, causing massive flooding and grounding rescue helicopters.

The National Weather Service recorded almost 27 inches of rainfall in a 24-hour NWSperiod in Hanalei. At least two homes were torn from their foundations. Resident Shauna Tuohy told HawaiiNewsNow that she was watching television with her mother when brown water suddenly began to pour through a wall in her home in Aina Haina. “The water came through my mom’s bedroom and down the hallway. There was just a raging river through the house,” she said.

About 40 people, mostly tourists, spent much of Sunday stranded at Hanalei Elementary School, where the American Red Cross had opened an evacuation shelter. They briefly ran out of food and water, according to AP.