Winter weather is never going to end this year: Record-setting cold and snow about to punish the USA

Strange Sounds –  April 5, 2018

It’s already the 17th day of spring! But it seems that winter weather is never going to end this year. Look at these headlines about how Americans across the Midwest and East Coast are enjoying that pleasantly warm spring weather we’ve all come to know and love:

    • Don’t hate me, but record-setting cold and snow are about to sweep across the US [Mashable]
    • Spring Fails to Start in the Midwest and East With Three Snowmakers Expected Into This Weekend [The Weather Channel]
    • Endless winter: Waves of cold, snow to punish Midwest and East [USA Today]
    • Unusual, record-breaking April cold to crash into eastern U.S. Friday through the weekend [Washington Post]
    • Damaging storms slam Midwest, southern US, leaving over 70,000 without power (pictures) [Strange Sounds]