Sanctions, China-US Trade War Driving Moscow, Beijing Closer Together – Analyst

Sputnik News – April 5, 2018

Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe is wrapping up his five-day trip to Russia, which has included his participation at the VII Moscow Conference on International Security. Speaking to Sputnik, international politics observers outlined what factors motivated General Wei’s visit, and what’s at stake for global security.

Wei kicked off his Russia visit on April 1, and is set to fly back to China on Thursday following the second day of the Moscow security conference. Wei’s closed-door discussions with his Russian counterparts are believed to have included the North Korean nuclear issue, along with the formation of a joint Russian-Chinese response to the US strategy openly classifying the two powers as America’s adversaries.

Stepping into office last month, Wei did not shy away from revealing the purpose of his trip, saying it was a “signal” to Washington about the “close ties between the armed forces of China and Russia, especially in this situation.”

“We’ve come to support you,” Wei said after meeting with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. The Russian Defense Minister reciprocated his counterpart’s sentiments, saying that the visit “underlines the special character of relations between Russia and China.”