Elderly Holocaust Survivor Killed By An Islamist She Knew Since He Was Seven

Gabrielle Okun – March 27, 2018

An elderly holocaust survivor was brutally murdered by a Muslim neighbor she had known since he was seven years old, her family members told Israeli media.

Mireille Knoll, 85, was killed Friday in Paris. Two men were charged in the murder. They allegedly stabbed Knoll and then set her apartment on fire. One was a Muslim neighbor that she had known since he was a seven-year-old boy, The Times of Israel reported. The assailant, 21, spent time in the elderly woman’s building the day of the attack, The New York Post reported.

Authorities are investigating the attack as an anti-Semitic incident.

Knoll’s family members expressed their shock at the incident. “My mother accepted everyone. Even the neighbor who murdered her, she has known since he was seven years old. When he was a boy, he helped her,” said Daniel Knoll, her son.

She was “always happy to see [the neighbor]. It’s unbelievable that it ended like this,” said Noa Goldfard, her granddaughter.