DARPA Seeks ‘Nonsurgical Neural Interface’

TruNews – March 23, 2018

The U.S. military’s top research laboratory is looking for proposals from researchers who want to develop the next generation of brain-to-equipment connections.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency will hold a “proposers day” April 3 to officially launch its new Next-Generation Nonsurgical Neurotechnology, or “N3” program. The project will focus on taking existing “brain-system communications” technology to the next level, adapted for military purposes.

DARPA Biological Technology Office Program Manager Dr. Al Emondi said:

“DARPA created N3 to pursue a path to a safe, portable neural interface system capable of reading from and writing to multiple points in the brain at once. High-resolution, nonsurgical neurotechnology has been elusive, but thanks to recent advances in biomedical engineering, neuroscience, synthetic biology, and nanotechnology, we now believe the goal is attainable.