Isis teacher tried to recruit an ‘army of children’ for jihadist attacks across London

 – March 2, 2018

A 25-year-old British teacher has been found guilty of attempting to recruit children into performing terrorist attacks on London landmarks.

Umar Haque, taught an Islamic studies class despite the fact that he had no teaching qualifications, was found to be showing his class Isis videos to give a “more holistic idea” of who they were. He would show the videos in class “at the end of term as a reward” for well-behaved students. Haque worked at the Lantern of Knowledge School in Leyton, east London between April 2015 and January 2016.

Haque attempted to radicalise at least 110 children at the school, which had been hailed as “outstanding” by Ofsted school inspectors, and a local mosque.

On Friday (2 March), Haque was found guilty at Old Bailey of trying to recruit children for a series of terrorist attacks on London landmarks. Following his arrest, Haque’s apartment was found to have notebooks containing “attack plans”.