Transgender UK Political Advisor Says 8-Year-Old Children Should Be Able To Choose Genders

Grace Carr – March 4, 2018

The United Kingdom’s recently appointed Labour Party LGBT+ adviser thinks that children as young as eight years old should be able to choose their gender and begin transitioning so they can embrace their true selves.

Biological male and former transgender model Munroe Bergdorf landed a job as a Labour Equalities adviser last week and is now being investigated for comments he made about gender transition for young children.

“The government needs to be putting more money behind services to benefit transgender kids and gender non-conforming children,” Bergdorf said according to The Daily Mail. “If you are putting barriers in people’s way you are forcing people not to be themselves,” he also told The Times UK.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell indicated that his office will look into Bergdorf’s comments. The model said children should not only be able to choose their gender but also access the hormones, therapy and surgical procedures necessary to facilitate their transitions. “We will be talking to her about her views,” McDonnell said, the Daily Mail reports. “It will obviously be investigated by the Leader’s Office,” he added.