Free at Last! Men Are Finally Wearing Full Makeup

Alex Parker – March 1, 2018

Given all the problems in the world — terrorism, violent crime, and poverty, to name a few — a group of men on Instagram believe they are making a difference in a much needed way: they’re wearing women’s makeup.

Social media’s “Beauty Boys” are fighting the cisgender oppression keeping interested males from literally putting on their face. For all the guys across the country who yearn to remove their macho masks and instead apply glittery sapphire eyeshadow and some metallic ruby lipstick, brave souls leading the movement are here to save the day. According to Them writer Michael Waters:

“Many beauty boys have amassed millions of followers and partnerships with major makeup brands. Early last year, for instance, Maybelline announced Manny Gutierrez as its first male beauty ambassador. Instagrammers Gabriel Zamora and Patrick Starrr have debuted lipstick lines with MAC Cosmetics, and in October 2016, James Charles became the first CoverBoy.”

Mankind — make that “peoplekind” — has finally evolved into a genderless mob.