Vatican Trains More Exorcists To Combat Rising Demonic Crisis

Joshua Gill – March 1, 2018

Vatican officials announced a class to train new exorcists in the face of a crisis in Italy, where church leaders say alleged possessions have tripled.

The church in Italy is woefully under-equipped to deal with what Catholic exorcists in Italy say is an exponential increase in demand for exorcisms seen in recent years, according to Catholic News Agency. The Vatican, which has suffered a lack of clergy willing to learn about exorcism, will offer a week-long training course for exorcists from April 16 to 21 in order to prepare those who are entering the ministry to face the alleged rise in demonic activity.

“Today we are at a stage crucial in history: Many Christians no longer believe in [the devil’s] existence, few exorcists are appointed and there are no more young priests willing to learn,” Father Cesare Truqui, an exorcist who will speak at the training, told Vatican News.