Scotland, Wales defy London with laws to keep powers after Brexit

DW – February 28, 2018

On Tuesday, as Britain debates how to best incorporate EU law into national legislation once it exits the bloc, the governments of Scotland and Wales announced that they would introduce their own laws to prevent London from weakening their autonomy as a result of Brexit.

In the coming days, laws aimed at strengthening regional powers — including in the agriculture and fishery sectors, which are currently governed by EU frameworks — will be debated by the devolved parliaments in Edinburgh and Cardiff.

The Scottish, Northern Irish and Welsh governments are concerned that the London parliament, which legislates on behalf of the whole of the UK, will seek to pass laws unilaterally that incorporate EU treaties into British national law, denying the three countries a say on key regional policies.

The three nations have been negotiating with London over exactly how the EU powers will be returned, but have reached a stumbling block.