Arizona Senate Passes Abortion Bill Requiring Women To Tell Docs Why They’re Aborting

Grace Carr – February 23, 2018

Arizona lawmakers approved a bill Thursday that will mandate abortion providers and physicians request information from women undergoing abortions about their reasons to abort and provide them with comprehensive information about the risks of abortion.

“What this bill does, it upgrades and updates the way we ask these questions in order to make sure that we’re getting accurate information,” the bill’s sponsor, Republican Sen. Nancy Barto, said, according to US News. “It’s important in order for us to really understand policy making going forward and how to better serve women in the policies that go to protecting the unborn when they choose abortion,” she added.

The bill — Senate Bill 1394 — lists 11 potential reasons, including questions about the woman’s emotional and physical health, according to the Arizona Central. Reasons include not being able to afford a child, not wanting a child, being raped, a husband having an extramarital affair, abuse and others.

The bill passed 16-12, with only one Republican and one Democrat breaking ranks.