Sacked for nuclear-family views, court official fights back

Bob Unruh – February 17, 2018

Another magistrate has been punished for resisting the tidal wave of “gay” advances in Western nations.

According to the Christian Institute in the United Kingdom, Richard Page was dismissed as a magistrate for expressing his belief that children do best when they are brought up by a man and a woman.

A hearing has begun in the U.K. on charges that his opinion made him homophobic, a characterization he refuses to accept.

He said the removal was “illiberal and intolerant,” and he’s entitled to compensation for job discrimination, insisting he has a right to believe “a child needs a mother and a father.”

He had been a magistrate for some 15 years. In England and Wales, there are 21,500 volunteer judicial office holders who serve in magistrates’ courts. Magistrates do not require legal training or qualifications.

“I was portrayed as homophobic and I refute this. … I am not judging the people, I’m judging what’s best for the child,” he told the tribunal.