Top German Diplomat Says Berlin Can ‘No Longer Recognize’ America

Sputnik News – February 18, 2018

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel acknowledged during Saturday‘s Munich Security Conference that Berlin has, since World War II, benefited more from US assistance than any other European country, but decried the current ‘America First’ foreign policy of US President Donald Trump and his cabinet.

Gabriel noted that historically, Germany “eagerly learned” from the US about Washington-style democracy, including its business-friendly deregulated trade regimes and strong-arm tactics using favorable international laws, but he nonetheless complained, “Is it deeds, is it words, is it tweets we should look at to measure America?” cited by the Associated Press.

The top German diplomat asked for improved cooperation between the US and the EU, and stated that “just pursuing individual national interests” is not appropriate at this moment in history.

Gabriel suggested that Washington had done an about face from its previous EU-friendly diplomacy, approaching a more adversarial foreign-policy approach that was “constantly trying to test or undermine” the economic bloc.