Bennett: We’re in an all-out war against Iran’s presence in Syria

Jerusalem Post – February 11, 2018

Israel is already in an ongoing and successful military campaign against Iran’s presence in Syria, Education Minister Naftali Bennett, a member of the security cabinet, said on Sunday.

“The fact is, [Iran] doesn’t have any divisions, brigades or even battalions in Syria, in the relevant areas,” Bennett told Ynet. “They don’t have airports or sea ports, and therefore, I think with all the unpleasantness of yesterday’s event, the broader picture is that Israel’s policy is correct, and we will continue it.”

Bennett’s comments came after Israel shot down an Iranian drone that flew into Israeli territory Saturday, and after a Syrian missile struck an Israeli F-16, which the injured pilot landed in Israel.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took a more vague tack Sunday morning, saying at a Likud ministers’ meeting: “We set clear red lines. We acted and will continue to act according to them.”