As Elections Approach, Italy Shows Record Alienation from European Union

Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D. – February 8, 2018

As national elections draw near, Italians find themselves further and further removed from the European Union (EU), according to a new study.

Support for the EU has fallen dramatically in Italy over the past 10 years and now ranks among the lowest in all of Europe, according to Berlin-based think tank European Council of Foreign Relations (ECFR), a fact that will benefit Eurosceptic candidates in the upcoming vote.

Whereas many EU member-states “feel increasingly European,” this is not the case in Greece, Italy, France, Poland, Hungary and Spain, the study found.

“The biggest concern is Italy, whose combined fall in structural and individual cohesion (-1.7 points) is the largest of any EU state,” ECFR said. It has gone from being one of the most Europhile countries to one of Europe’s most disaffected.”

“As elections approach, with populist parties railing against Brussels and Berlin, Italy’s cohesion profile is sliding ever closer towards that of the UK, which recently voted to leave the union,” the report states.