North Korea Lashes Out Over Reports Trump Is Planning A ‘Bloody Nose’ Attack

Ryan Pickrell – February 6, 2018

With all the talk of a “bloody nose” strike on North Korea, the rogue state is returning fire, threatening to break President Donald Trump’s back if he conducts a limited strike on North Korea.

“Dolt-like Trump should know that his backbone would be broken, to say nothing of ‘bloody nose,’ and the empire of America would go to the hell and the short history of the U.S. would end forever, the moment he destroys even a single blade of grass on this land,” North Korea’s state-run media wrote Tuesday.

The so-called “bloody nose strategy,” which has never been formally acknowledged by any member of the Trump administration, has been widely reported in recent weeks. There is speculation that the president is seriously considering a limited strike on North Korea in response to a nuclear or ballistic provocation.