Woman ‘dropped in boiling cauldron’ during witch carnival in Germany

 – February 5, 2018

A group of revellers at a witches carnival in Germany badly burned an 18-year-old woman when they reportedly dropped her into a cauldron of boiling water on 3 February.

Police in the Black Forest say they have identified suspects alleged to have pulled the woman out of a crowd of spectators and carried her over to the cauldron, presumably as a joke, only to lose their grip and drop her knee-deep into the hot water.

The accident occurred during the traditional witch carnival in the city of Eppingen, a boisterous night parade which is celebrated in the week before Lent.

A pair from the group, who were all wearing witch masks, have been identified as suspects – the person who carried the girl over the cauldron and one who lifted the lid.

The woman was initially “handed over” to the group by other spectators, who were embracing the spirit of the event.