IREXIT: The Irish Answer to Leaving the EU

Lucas Nolan  -February 4, 2018

An event was held in Dublin, Ireland this week titled ‘Irexit: Freedom to Prosper’ which discussed whether or not Ireland should leave the European Union.

The event took place at the RDS Arena in Dublin, Ireland this weekend. The event was organised by the EFDD (Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy) group and featured guest speakers including Brexit campaign leader Nigel Farage, Irish journalist John Waters, Professor Anthony Coughlan, Dr. Karen Devine, Cormac Lucey and Councillor James Charity. The event was moderated by the EFDD groups communications director Hermann Kelly.

The event began with a speech from Professor Anthony Coughlan, an Associate Professor Emeritus in Social Policy at Trinity College Dublin, and Director of the National Platform EU Research and Information Centre, Ireland, an EU-critical think-tank.

Coughlan wrote the booklet distributed at the event, titled ‘Is Irexit Necessary That We Can Be Free To Prosper?’