Irexit: Brexit’s Nigel Farage takes fight to Ireland

DW – February 3, 2018

It might not appear that credible, but the movement to take Ireland out of the European Union has been stirring of late.

Indeed, a conference advocating an Irish post-Brexit split from Brussels did garner the nation’s attention on Twitter. Within Ireland, the hashtag #Irexit trended in second place — only just below the #IREvFRA tag for the country’s opening match in the Six Nations rugby tournament.

The hashtag #Farage also made a showing, as the former UK Independence Party leader prepared to address those gathered for the free event at the Irish capital’s Royal Dublin Society on Saturday.

Farage was in Ireland to espouse the benefits of leaving the EU as part of a conference organized by the European parliament’s Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD) political grouping, of which Farage is a part.