40 Percent of All US Childbirths Occur to Single Mothers, 700 Percent Higher than in 1960

Dylan Scott – January 16, 2018

A recent report from the Social Capital Project reveals that the American family is disintegrating, fast.  Fully 40 percent of mothers are currently unmarried.

This is bad news, because good families depend on good marriages. Marriage is the moral glue that binds them.  It’s the stabilizing agent.  There’s a reason that children from married couples do better in school, and are less likely to end up in jail as compared to children of unmarried mothers, known as “fragile families.”

Lavar Young, civil rights activist, thinks marriage is a powerful tool for fighting against racial inequality.  He outlines some of the problems children born out of wedlock face:

Fragile families are shown to have harsher parenting practices and fewer literacy activities, and children of such families produce lower cognitive test scores and a have a higher incidence of aggressive behavior.