UK Baby Born Healthy After Doctors Misdiagnose Child, Recommend Abortion

– January 9, 2018

LONDON — A mother in the United Kingdom is upset at her local hospital in realizing that she could have aborted her baby, being told that she had a rare disease, when the child was actually born completely healthy.

Kamelia Walters, 25, told The Sun that when she went to St. George’s Hospital in Tooting last January, she was advised that the scan showed that her baby’s bones were fractured and that she “probably” had Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type III, also known as “brittle bone disease.”

According to the Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation, type III is the most severe form of the condition, as “infants generally have mildly shortened and bowed limbs, small chests, and a soft calvarium (head)” and “[t]here may be multiple long-bone fractures at birth, including many rib fractures.”

Walters said that the diagnosis frightened her and it was recommended that she obtain an abortion.

“I was so scared when I first got told,” she told the outlet. “They started telling me I could get an abortion.”