Parents Fight Hospital to Save Baby Alfie Evans in Case Reminiscent of Charlie Gard

Anugrah Kumar – December 10, 2017

The parents of an 18-month-old boy who is suffering from a mystery brain condition are in a legal battle with a hospital in Britain that wants to switch off the child’s life support, saying they can do nothing more for him.

Thomas Evans and Kate James want to move their child, Alfie Evans, to a hospital in Italy that is willing to take him, but Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool opposes the move as not in the child’s best interests, according to The Sunday Times.

Alfie, who was admitted to the hospital last December, is in a coma and suffers regular seizures, and the hospital has urged the High Court to rule that long-term ventilation and intensive care to the child be withdrawn.

Test results showing two mitochondrial gene variants suggest Alfie could suffer from a form of mitochondrial disease like the one that killed Charlie Gard, a British baby who became the subject of a bitter dispute during the summer between his parents and doctors over whether he should be taken to the United States for experimental treatment, according to Liverpool Echo.