ACLU Sues Feds, Demands 43 Pregnant Illegals Have Access to Abortion

NewsMax – November 21, 2017

With 10 percent of the 420 pregnant illegal immigrant girls still in federal custody, the Trump administration is in a battle with the ACLU over abortion rights, The Washington Times reported.

  • 420 Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) were taken into custody in 2017
  • 18 of those requested abortions
  • 11 had the abortions
  • 43 pregnant illegals remain in custody of the House and Human Services Department.

The ACLU filed a class-action lawsuit against the feds to allow the girls’ the same access to abortions as Americans, the Times reports. The Trump administration contends none of the 43 still in custody even want abortions, the Times reports.

Even if they did, the administration contends it has the right to disallow major surgeries of all UACs, and that taxpayers paying for abortions of them is illegal, the Times reported.