EU in Crisis as Merkel Government Crumbles in Germany

TruNews – November 20, 2017

Germany, the most financially stable of the European countries, is in its worst political crisis in decades as Chancellor Angela Merkel failed over the weekend to forge a majority coalition to govern the country.

Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union relied heavily upon its alliance with the Christian Social Union of Bavaria and the Social Democratic Party to maintain a majority government coalition in he Bundestag, the lower house of the German federal legislature. That alliance has fallen apart due to disagreements over a number of key issues, including immigration, “climate change,” and how to reform the European Union in the wake of last year’s Brexit vote.

Unable to come to a consensus agreement to forge a majority government coalition with its traditional allies, Merkel’s Unionists turned to the right-wing Alternative for Germany, the libertarian Free Democratic Party, and the uber-environmentalist Greens to see if an alliance could be forged with former opponents. Over the weekend, those negotiations fell apart along the same lines as the negotiations with the SPD.