2018 to be Big Year for Earthquakes

TruNews – November 20, 2017

The length of a full rotation of our planet is changing, getting longer, and it could mean much more powerful earthquakes, particularly in the heavily populated tropical regions of the world.

The change in speed in Earth’s rotation is remarkably small—measured fractions of a milisecond—but it correlates with enormous amounts of stress on the planet’s surface, which can trigger slips along the tectonic plates. These slips are better known as earthquakes, and the more energy that is released in a slip, the more powerful the resulting temblor.

A group of researchers presented their evidence to the Geological Society of America last month. In their report, the experts state they found five periods when there had been significantly higher numbers of large earthquakes—as much as doubling the annual average—based on more than a century of precise recordkeeping.

Using that “good record,” they found a strong correlation between Earth’s rotation and earthquake activity. This same correlation suggests the number of major earthquakes next year will spike.