LGBTQ Activists Set their Sights on Christian Universities and Colleges

John Ellis – November 7, 2017

If Christians had a nickel for every time progressives threw the charge of “slippery slope fallacy” in our face over the last couple of decades (if not longer), we’d use all that extra money to continue funding charities, adopting children, and enacting true social justice throughout the world. For years, whenever we warned that progressives would begin explicitly targeting our churches and schools, we were scolded and told that they simply wanted to see equality purely in the civic arena; we had nothing to fear. That, of course, gave way to forcing Christians bakers to violate the tenets of their faith, among other oppressive tactics. Now, progressives have their sights set on undermining Christian institutions of higher learning.

In a piece of blatant LGBTQ propaganda, Lauren Ileana Sotolongo opened her recent HuffPost piece with a brief anecdote about a lesbian couple secretly holding hands. Fearful at the approach of a fellow student, the couple let their hands drop, their “romantic” moment ruined. The kicker — the two are students at Azusa Pacific University, a Christian university that adheres to the Bible’s teaching on sexuality.

The article’s thesis is couched in an extremely slanted take on California’s SB1146. Claiming that the bill “would’ve taken away the exemption of religious universities to anti-discrimination laws,” Sotolongo goes on to complain, “But administrations [of Christian universities and colleges] fought back, and the bill was amended.”