Brexit: UK Parliament to vote on final deal

DW – November 13, 2017

Brexit minister David Davis has said UK lawmakers will have the chance to vote on Britain’s final exit deal from the EU. Despite the concession, Davis stressed that the UK will leave the EU “whatever the outcome.”

Britain’s chief Brexit negotiator David Davis confirmed on Monday that parliament will be allowed to “debate, scrutinize and vote” on any final agreement on the country’s departure from the European Union.

“I can now confirm that once we’ve reached an agreement we will bring forward a specific piece of primary legislation to implement that (Brexit) agreement,” Davis told parliament. Primary legislation refers to making law by acts of parliament or statute.

British Prime Minister Theresa May has long been under pressure to offer a “meaningful vote” on whatever deal the UK reaches with EU negotiators, as lawmakers within her own Conservative party, as well as in the opposition Labor party, threaten to stymie any future agreement.