Catholic Charity Still Euthanizing Patients

TruNews – September 14, 2017

A Catholic charity in Belgium declared Tuesday that they will continue to offer euthanasia to mentally ill patients, despite Pope approved orders to stop immediately.

The Belgian branch of the Brothers of Charity, also called the Brothers of Love, issued a statement Tuesday that they will continue offering euthanasia in each of their 15 psychiatric hospitals, despite receiving orders from the Vatican to reverse their euthanasia policy by the end of August, according to Crux Now. The Vatican issued an order, personally approved by Pope Francis, for the Belgian branch to not only reverse their policy, but also for each member of the charity’s board to sign a letter re-affirming their commitment to the church’s stance on the sanctity of life. The charity now faces expulsion from the Catholic Church, and the members of the board face dismissal from the their institute, despite maintaining that their euthanasia policy is fully in line with Catholic doctrine.

Belgian branch’s statement reads:

The organization Brothers of Love remains behind her vision statement about euthanasia in psychiatric suffering in a non-terminal situation.

As for the question of whether or not their stance is in line with Catholic doctrine, the brother’s statement reads, “We emphatically think so.”